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Haunt The House

Haunt The House - very interesting game for people of all ages who like to have real fun and want to have a pleasant rest time. The game has gained a very strong popularity and love because of its magnificent graphics and remarkable gameplay. You will take the role of small and very cute cast, which is extremely dissatisfied that people settled in its house. Therefore, it will try its best to expel the intruders at all possible means, instilling in the various elements of the environment, interacting with different objects of interior and uttering horrible sounds. In fact, Haunt the House is a funny simulator of poltergeist, where your task is to free the house from visitors, finding individual way of scaring of each person. Comical simulator of ghosts, flying through the mansion and scaring its numerous inhabitants. Each room is sure to find at least one object, which can settle our little friend as well as many other objects with which you can interact, it depends on your imagination. The public reaction was not take long to show itself – what else ghost needs for complete happiness? The game has four locations: the museum, hospital, theater and craft. That is, you can have fun with all the heart, instilling in everything around you and turning ordinary things into horrible monsters. The game has many advantages: excellent animation and graphics - funny cartoon. Control of the game is very simple, unobtrusive sound. Imagine yourself trapped in a haunted house, with ghouls and ghosts inside. It would probably be a terrifying situation that would scare your wits away. But what if you are the ghost who is haunting the house and is trying to scare people out? This would be your only way to get back to the real world, and finally escape the horror house. Along the way, you need to complete the underlying tasks using interactive objects, while avoiding cats and other things that may harm you. Haunt the House is another interesting action game that can be played using the keyboard controls. In order to win the game, you need to scare all humans out of the house. The peace and quiet of your house has been infested by thirty raucous party guests. You need to use your ghostly powers to drive them out of the house. In order to do this, you have to possess household objects using the spacebar, and move the possessed objects to haunt people nearby, using the arrow keys. When playing the Haunt the House game, your ghostly powers increase as you scare more and more people. However, it would not be as easy scaring away the house guests, as they are not frightened by the same tactics. You may need to take some effort and be more creative in your haunting techniques as it can be frustrating to see that some people are unaffected by your spookiness. Be careful when scaring the guest as they might freak out and do something stupid that could harm you, if you frighten them too much. Your game plan will be revealed to you at the start of the game. As you navigate through the game, the top left portion of the screen will tell you the number of remaining party guests. On the other hand, at the bottom of your screen will be the spook-o-meter, indicating your haunting power. The Haunt the House flash game is definitely an exciting game that will bring Halloween to your home, anytime.

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